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            Written: Maryna Pylnyk, 18/03/2017     

Did you know that
Slackware: one of the oldest distributions (created in 1993),
Ubuntu is currently the most widespread distribution,
Sabayon: GNU / Linux Italian. The Sabayon name comes from Italian dessert zabaione,
Mandriva: Linux or Mandriva, formerly known as Mandrake Linux

"Unlike the "rmdir" command, "rm" is able to remove also directories that are not empty, before erasing recursively the content. " It's correct?

Which one of these Linux distribution does not exist:

We are extracting file-archive . Which one of these command can be used?

Is there the difference between these comands
and ?

What is the result of the comand


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Gioco: allenamento con la tastiera Strumenti di codifica/decodifica URI (%-encoding) e Base64 Strumenti di calcolo online per IP e Reti
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