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QUIZ GAME: Database

            Written: Maryna Pylnyk, 18/03/2017     

Hint. MySQL Server: If you are comparing FLOAT or DOUBLE columns with numbers that have decimals, you cannot use equality (=) comparisons. This problem is common in most computer languages because not all floating-point values can be stored with exact precision. In some cases, changing the FLOAT to a DOUBLE fixes this.

MySQL : Which one of the following query is correct:

a) UPDATE table SET field1=3, field2=4 WHERE field0 = 10
b) UPDATE table SET field1=3 AND field2=4 WHERE field0 = 10

MySQL : Is the following statement correct?

CREATE TABLE new_table1 LIKE table1;

MySQL : Which one of the following expression is not correct:

Mysql. Is there the difference between these two query?

INSERT INTO table1 (phone) VALUES (NULL);
INSERT INTO table1 (phone) VALUES ('');

Mysql. Is it possible to create index for view?


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