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Linux - "yum", examples

            Written: Giansante Gabriele, 30/01/2017      Translation Giansante Gabriele

Tested with "yum 3.2.29", "CentOS 6.8".
These examples do not cover all cases
(see Manpage of YUM (8) , Manpage of YUM.CONF (5) ).

Installs a package and any packages that it depends on (software, library, etc., checks for dependencies and asks for confirmation):

yum install <package>
yum install <package1> <package2> ... <packageN>
Removes a package and its dependencies:

yum remove <package>
yum remove <package1> <package2> ... <packageN>
yum erase <package>
yum erase <package1> <package2> ... <packageN>
Checks the availability of the updates:

yum check-update
# yum check-update
mysql.i686         5.1.73-8.el6_8  updates
mysql-libs.i686    5.1.73-8.el6_8  updates
mysql-server.i686  5.1.73-8.el6_8  updates    
Starts the upgrade of all available packages:

yum upgrade
Silent upgrade (assume "yes" as the answer to all questions):

yum -q -y upgrade
Searches the configured repositories to find matching packages:

yum search <search_string>
yum search all <search_string>
# yum search dolphin-connector
================= N/S Matched: dolphin-connector =====================
dolphin-connector.i686 : Simple MySQL C API wrapper for C++
dolphin-connector-devel.i686 : Development files for Dolphin Connector
List of configured repositories:

yum repolist
Gives information about a package and (eventually) its updates:

yum info <package>
# yum info basesystem
Pacchetti installati
Nome         : basesystem
Arch         : noarch
Versione     : 10.0
Rilascio     : 4.el6
Dimensione   : 0.0
Repo         : installed
Dal repo     : anaconda-CentOS-201311271240.i386
Sommario     : The skeleton package which defines a simple Red Hat Enterprise Linux system
Licenza      : Public Domain
Descrizione  : Basesystem defines the components of a basic Red Hat Enterprise Linux
             : system (for example, the package installation order to use during
             : bootstrapping). Basesystem should be in every installation of a system,
             : and it should never be removed.
List of dependencies and required packages:

yum deplist <package>
# yum deplist basesystem
pacchetto: basesystem.noarch 10.0-4.el6
  dipendenze: filesystem
   provider: filesystem.i686 2.4.30-3.el6
  dipendenze: setup
   provider: setup.noarch 2.8.14-20.el6_4.1
Search what provides the requested object:

yum provides <object>
yum whatprovides <object>
# yum provides /etc/sysconfig/arpwatch
14:arpwatch-2.1a15-16.el6.i686 : Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on a network
Repo         : base
Corrispondenza trovata in:
Nome file   : /etc/sysconfig/arpwatch

14:arpwatch-2.1a15-16.el6.i686 : Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on a network
Repo         : installed
Corrispondenza trovata in:
Altro       : Provides-match: /etc/sysconfig/arpwatch

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